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Frequently asked questions

1. FAQ's
1.1 When should I drink protein?

The ideal times are after a workout to help with recovery or in between meals to control your appetite.

1.2 Can I take LipoSculpt and PreSculpt at the same time?

No, they both contain stimulants so do not take them together. It's best to take them a few hours apart.

1.3 Can I take all of my capsules together?

Technically, yes you can. However, taking them at different times throughout the day will ensure your body absorbs the supplements as much as possible.

1.4 Can I take any MyoSculpt products even when I'm not able to workout?

Yes! Always consult with your doctor to be sure though.

1.5 Do I need to take CortiSculpt if I'm taking NightSculpt or the other way around?

They work synergistically, so you could benefit more from taking both rather than taking one or the other.

1.6 Should I take LipoSculpt or Lit?

Lit should only be taken if you've taken LipoSculpt before and want something stronger. Don't take them together!